For Wild Child’s Lumens Gallery in the Bay Area, California, we created a family friendly immersive wonderland. The interactive museum and play space featured games and activities complemented by motion activated visuals and entrancing soundscapes.


The Wild Child Museum was a pop-up children’s museum in the Bay Area created by educators, renowned artists and early childhood development experts. Our team at Lumen & Forge programmed and installed the experiential Lumens Gallery, which ran for four months in 2019. The marvelous gallery consisted of several projection mapped rooms with stunning 360 visuals and interactive elements. Read more about the project and how we brought Wild Child’s vision to life.

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Wild child interactive gallery

Our team at Lumen & Forge created five different scenes of interactive content. We installed four projectors and three advanced motion-sensing cameras to create fun, reactive visuals that brought the room to life. Then, connected everything wirelessly to a tablet so the room could be transformed at the touch of a button and intuitive interface.

We were tasked with the exciting project of creating 3D interactive content for the gallery. We used the powerful program Touch Designer software along with Cinema 4D to create an assortment of surreal interactive projections that were easily adjusted through our easy to use tablet interface.

The first scene we created was a fantastical terrarium, where plants and trees grew wherever you walked. The next scene brought you into a geometrical realm of high contrast displacement lines silhouetting guests as they moved around the space. Our next scene was a marine environment, with luminescent jellyfish floating away as children approached. Another scene was rather whimsical with carnival colors and pink blobs that would follow the children around like pets. All of these scenes could be changed or altered from a table. We made sure to easily program the ability to project 360 video content for the client’s future use.



Projection mapped children's gallery 360 projection space
Wild child interactive children's museum interactive projection
Interactive museum 360 projection activity games room
Wild child interactive museum immersive playspace
Projection mapped tunnel into interactive wonderland Wild Child
Interactive programmed projection space for children
Entrance tunnel to wild child immersive gallery
Ourdoor immersive playspace and activities
Wild Child immersive playspace and activities
Wild child interactive gallery space