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Based in Las Vegas, Lumen & Forge is a multi-disciplined company with expertise in immersive technology. From projection mapping to 360 domes to interactive installations, our experiences are unforgettable. At L&F, we leverage leading-edge technologies to transport participants into awe-inspiring, extreme, and otherworldly encounters.

What We Do

Here at Lumen & Forge, we cover practically everything to do with immersive venues and augmented experiences. Although we are flexible, our specialty is 360 dome projection, which is at the forefront of the advent of VR/AR. Our state-of-the-art domes feature ultra-high resolution spherical screens, live-playback systems, and portable & accessible components.

Our goal is to inspire audiences and bring 360 theater into the future. To us, immersive communication offers much more than just a sensory experience. It is also a powerful platform with the potential to transform an audience and encapsulate them in the story. In fact, we truly believe that immersive technology and innovation has the potential to revolutionize communication, education and entertainment.

Revolutionizing communication, education and entertainment one experience at a time.

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The Team

Niels Goossens company CEO biography image

Niels Goossens

Founder / Managing Partner
Misha Fradin company COO biography image

Misha Fradin

Founder / Managing Partner

Palmer Nicklas

Founder / Creative Director

Chris Butcher

Assistant Creative Director

Alex Turney

Marketing Director

Robert Dawidowicz

Account Executive

Ryan Bodycombe

Creative Production Manager / Sound Designer

Mitch Cortes

Operations Manager

River Reichhoff

Warehouse Manager

Aaron Hayes

Creative Designer

Anthony Suitt

Assistant Marketing Director

Emil Tanev

Creative Designer

Sam Hawk

Account Manager

Orion Fredricks

Lead Fabricator

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