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Based in Las Vegas, Lumen & Forge is a multi-disciplined company with expertise in immersive technology. From projection mapping to 360 domes to interactive installations, our experiences are unforgettable. At L&F, we leverage leading-edge technologies to transport participants into awe-inspiring, extreme, and otherworldly encounters.

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The Team

Niels Goossens company CEO biography image

Niels Goossens

CEO | Founder

Misha Fradin company COO biography image

Misha Fradin

COO | Founder

Palmer Nicklas

CCTO | Founder

Robert Dawidowicz

Director of Account Management

Jander Meira

Senior Director of Operations

Chris Butscher

Senior Technical Director

Olya Ivannikov

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Turney

Marketing Director

Orion Fredericks

Head of Fabrication and Design

Emil Tanev

Creative Director

Noah Montez

Creative Technology Production Manager

Tyler Giunta

Assistant Director of Operations

River Reichhoff


Aaron Elliott

Account Executive

Erika Pazos


Unique Penn

Creative Apprentice

Brandon Lewis

Jr. Creative Developer

Vipal Patel

Account Executive

Max Porush

Jr. Creative Developer

Jorge Ferzuli

Industrial Designer

George Mann

Warehouse Associate

Stephanie Cleary

Accounting Associate

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