The Jeep Dome at the 2018 and 2019 Winter X-Games was a truly sensational experience. Lumen and Forge built an augmented reality dome that simulated riding off-road in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. In collaboration with Inspira Marketing and the Astronaut’s Guild, we built a custom 4D immersive theater from the ground up.


For two consecutive years, our team at Lumen & Forge brought the sensation of riding in Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to life. First, we built a 30′ geodesic projection dome to house our state-of-the-art projection technology.  After setting up the projection rig, we filled the dome with 18 authentic motion-activated and heated leather seats. We then utilized scents, sounds and sensations to compliment the pristine 360 visuals. Continue reading below about this incredible 4D immersive theater and how we actualized Jeep’s vision.

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We created a custom solution that would seamlessly integrate all of the 4D immersive theater FX systems. Moreover, we made sure to design our interior in such a way that our projection rig was hidden from the guests’ view. Visitors could then experience the technology without seeing it, making the simulation all the more entrancing.

The projection rig itself consisted of ten 5K lumen HD laser projectors blended and warped together. We then leveraged a patented auto-alignment system to create a seamless, pixel-perfect, 4K UHD spherical screen. Next, a hi-fi 5.1 studio-grade Adam audio AX3 sound system ensured that every splat of mud and crunch of snow was heard over the roar of the engine. We also added two scent boxes and four FX fans, buffeting guests with wind FX and fresh scents of pine and cedar as the top of the Jeep came down.

Guests were buffeted with wind FX and fresh scents of pine and cedar as the top of the Jeep came down.

With regards to the visuals, we worked with Jeep for months before the event to create a realistic 3D model of their off-road video content. Finally, our Lumen & Forge Dome Master server tied our projection solution together flawlessly. The immersive experience left nearly 5000 guests awestruck over the course of the two annual X-Games events.



Aspen X games featured event by Jeep Wranger Rubicon, 4d theater and simulation
Jeep VR immersive dome with monster energy
Jeep Wranger Rubicon outside virtual mountain drive experience
Immersive off-road adventure simulation by Jeep Wranger Rubicon
Aspen X games Jeep projection dome, 4d theater and simulation
Jeep projection immersion at the Aspen X Games
Jeep immersive dome projection setup 4d theater
Projection setup closeup with Rubicon seats immersive simulation
Jeep VR experience dome outside int he snow with a Wranger Rubicon
Jeep 4d simulation VR experience dome
Wrangler Jeep immersive dome
Projection setup for the jeep experience immersive dome
Watching offroad experience at the Jeep 4d theater


Opening the curtains to enter Jeep 4D Immersive Theater
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep 4D immersive dome
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep VR Experience Dome
Jeep Dome Expo at Aspen X-Games 2019
Waiting in line for the Jeep experience 4d projection theater and simulation
Guests wait for free hot chocolate at Jeep expo at X-Games event
Staff standing outside the Jeep dome in the day
Guests enjoy projection mapped visuals inside the Jeep Dome
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep 4D immersive theater
Event Domes: The Future of the Global Events Industry | Guests at the Jeep Dome
Happy family in the audience enjoying Jeep 4D virtual adventure