Aspen X games featured event by Jeep Wranger Rubicon, 4d theater and simulation
Jeep VR immersive dome with monster energy
Jeep Wranger Rubicon outside virtual mountain drive experience
Immersive off-road adventure simulation by Jeep Wranger Rubicon
Aspen X games Jeep projection dome, 4d theater and simulation
Jeep projection immersion at the Aspen X Games
Jeep immersive dome projection setup 4d theater
Projection setup closeup with Rubicon seats immersive simulation
Jeep VR experience dome outside int he snow with a Wranger Rubicon
Jeep 4d simulation VR experience dome
Wrangler Jeep immersive dome
Projection setup for the jeep experience immersive dome
Watching offroad experience at the Jeep 4d theater


Opening the curtains to enter Jeep 4D Immersive Theater
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep 4D immersive dome
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep VR Experience Dome
Jeep Dome Expo at Aspen X-Games 2019
Waiting in line for the Jeep experience 4d projection theater and simulation
Guests wait for free hot chocolate at Jeep expo at X-Games event
Staff standing outside the Jeep dome in the day
Guests enjoy projection mapped visuals inside the Jeep Dome
Projection mapped visuals inside Jeep 4D immersive theater
Event Domes: The Future of the Global Events Industry | Guests at the Jeep Dome
Happy family in the audience enjoying Jeep 4D virtual adventure