AG Entertainment hired Lumen & Forge to design, build, produce content and run the world’s largest projection dome located in the heart of downtown Miami. Inside, The Dome encased a massive, immersive nightclub, which featured performances from world renowned rappers and musicians. The experiential nightclub transported over 60,000 attendees to a visually stimulating, virtual world.


The multi-day event took place during the 2019 Superbowl. To accompany one of the world’s largest sporting events, Lumen & Forge took turnkey responsibility to deliver an unprecedentedly massive projection mapped dome. But, constructing and running a dome of such a huge size was no easy task. Continue reading about our innovative solutions for this colossal project.

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The Dome Miami, world's largest projection dome - outside the party

The immersive event ran for 3 days and hosted over 60,000 guests. Our team handled all of the design and planning related to the dome, such as the structure and the interior layout. Then, we constructed the dome and strategically set up AV equipment, lighting and seating. To complete the job, our creative team produced over an hour of custom 4K Domemaster content as well VJed the entire 3-day event.

At 225 x 175 feet, the dome was pill shaped and that came with its own challenges. Our content had to be custom rendered so that it stretched across the projection liner’s unique shape. Camera calibration was critical. In order to tackle this, we used two powerful Lumen & Forge servers. One server handled the mixing of content and the other handled the playback system. The playback system then fed content through twenty-four 18K lumen HD laser projectors, seamlessly delivering visuals across 40,000 sq ft. of screen space.



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