In the winter of 2018-2019, Lumen & Forge teamed up with Publicis Hawkeye, 360 Labs, and Pacific Domes, to create a 360 projection solution for Capital One. The Capital One venture dome was an experiential immersion space exhibited at four locations in Denver, Colorado. Over the course of six months, we set up projectors, lighting and sound for the exciting, multi-day feature.


The Capital One Venture made use of experiential marketing to encourage travel with and immersive views of local and exotic scenery. Visuals featured cascading mountains and snowcapped forests, as well as exotic scuba diving adventured and more. Inside, Capital One hosted yoga classes, group workouts and speeches from olympians and famous atheletes . Guests could even take a ride on a VR ski simulator, or take a snapshot at a the dome’s 3D photobooth. Keep reading about this exciting event and the projection solution we used.

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360 immersive dome venue created for Capital One Venture, adventure simulation experience

The Capital One Venture Dome took guests completely out of the busy city and immersed them in nature. Lumen & Forge created a projection solution that utilized our state-of-the-art immersive technology to project 360 visuals on a 44ft geodesic dome. Viewers were virtually flown through picturesque mountains, down adrenaline inducing ski slops and submerged into the depths of the ocean while lighting and sound effects enhanced the experience. Our projection solution made use of our custom Domemaster server and four 25K lumen projectors.

The experience took guests completely out of the busy city and immersed them in nature.

During the event itself, our team managed all of the visuals, sound and lighting. With so many different scheduled activities, the experience was very hands on and we were continuously moving and re-calibrating the equipment, since each activity required a different use of the space. We also had to to ensure everything was running smoothly while people came in and out of the venue. At Lumen & Forge, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and our ability to run a flawless show, despite what obstacles we may face.



Adventures and sporting activitites inside immersive dome, 360 projection space
Underwater simulation immersive VR dome projection
Projection of space planetarium style content 360 dome venue
Capital one immersive adventure dome
Experiential marketing dome production phase of 360 immersive dome building
Expereintial marketing and immersive experience dome with travel content
Dome Venue with 360 visuals of underwater immersive experience
Yoga outside dome venue in the heart of a city by Capital One Bank
Immersive Travel experience Capital One Venture