Zephyr Tents andPacific Domes hired us to provide dome and projection services for a private birthday party in Big Sur, California. The Lumen & Forge team provided turn-key services and handled everything from building the venue itself to creating content and VJing the event.


The L&F team are no strangers to dome builds and were delighted to be working in the warm and idyllic mountains of Big Sur. Here at one of the world’s most beautiful places, we situated our dome atop towering cliffs to make the most of the ocean views. The event itself featured an immersive dome venue with a bar and dance-floor as well as projection mapped features around the rest of the property.

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Big Sur private dome venue projection system

The event’s projection solution consisted of three 30ft geodesic domes situated on the edge of a precipice in Big Sur. Each 360 dome had it’s own unique purpose and feel to it. The two domes with higher foot traffic were dedicated to a bar and dance floor. In each of these we featured 4 15K lumen HD projectors. The third room was more of a “chill-out room”, so we went with a minimalist approach and installed a single 8K lumen UHD projector with a fish-eye lens.

L&F was also responsible for curating and creating the content for the domes, focusing on a pink and purple color spectrum to match the mini-Coachella vibe that the birthday party was set too. The theme of the party required visual content that was highly colorful and geometrical, so we decided to go against our usual standard of using a projection liner. Instead, we projected the content directly onto the interior of the dome, adding an edgy, industrial element to the space.

Working with the talented Danielle Nay and her team, the build and setup went smoothly and the event and partygoers had an incredible time. Hattie Spice provided the decor and the fusion of all the elements made for a truly magical experience. There is nothing quite like watching people’s faces full of wonder as they first walk into a projection dome.



Geometric content projected Big Sur 360 dome
Closeup of photographer's reflection on a balloon inside the Big Sur event dome
Big Sur event dome with 3D planetarium content projected inside dome
Projection screen at immersive event space
Big Sur event projection solution with blue skies
Event Domes: The Future of the Global Events Industry | Geodesic Events | Big Sur View Private Party
Interior of Big Sur event dome with astronomical content projected inside dome
Closeup of metal sphere reflecting geometric content projected on interior of dome
Georgella bar Big Sur event space with geometric content projected on dome
Big Sur immersive event dome lit by pink and purple LEDs
Interior of Big Sur event dome with geometric content projected inside dome
Big Sur dome event, vibrant colors 360 dome solution