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What are the different types of domes that Lumen and Forge offer?

Lumen and Forge offers geodesic domes and inflatable domes. Both are perfect structures for 360 projection mapping and are suitable for small gatherings to large-scale events.

Geodesic domes are based on the design principles of R. Buckminster Fuller and are made of triangular elements that distribute structural stress throughout the dome. They provide excellent strength and stability, making them perfect for more permanent installations or situations where they may face exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Our Inflatable Domes offer a more flexible, easy-to-setup alternative. Made from high-quality, durable materials, these domes can be rapidly deployed for various events. As they’re inflatable, they can be easily transported and installed, providing a practical solution when time or space is limited.

Beyond our standard range, we can tailor domes to unconventional sizes and even distinct shapes. Be it a music festival, a corporate event, or an educational exhibit, Lumen and Forge is dedicated to furnishing the ideal dome to elevate your event experience.

How do you make a dome into a projection dome?

Creating a projection dome involves a few essential components. The primary one is the addition of an interior liner, which allows the entire interior surface of the dome to act as a seamless projection screen. The second is a blackout fabric to block external light.

The interior liner is specially designed to receive and display projected images, turning the dome into an immersive 360° viewing experience. Making them ideal for a wide range of multimedia events.

In addition, the necessary equipment and infrastructure are installed inside the dome to facilitate high-quality video projection. It’s also crucial to ensure that the dome is light-proof or the projection can be timed to take place at night.

It’s worth noting that while projection is possible on the bare structure of a geodesic dome frame, using a liner dramatically enhances the immersive viewing experience. The liner provides a smooth, continuous surface for the projection, creating a more seamless and captivating visual display.

How quickly can a projection dome be installed?

The installation time of a projection dome can vary significantly, depending on several factors. These include the type of dome, the size, intended permanency, weather and environmental conditions, and the technical specifications of the projection system.

Geodesic Domes: Geodesic domes can be made in multiple sizes and are suited for up to 120 ft. Past 120ft, the requirements for set up are more substantial. For larger events, we recommend going with an inflatable dome.

Small Geodesic Domes: 

  • 10ft (3m), 20ft (6m), 24ft (7m): approximately 4-12 hours

Medium-Sized Domes: 

  • 30ft (9m), 36ft (11m), 44ft (13m), approximately 10-20 hours.

Large Geodesic Domes: 

  • 50ft (15m), 60ft (18m), 70ft (21m), 90ft (27m), 120ft (36m), approximately 20-50 hours.

Inflatable Domes: Inflatable domes are available in any size; however best suited for larger events. we recommend any domes above 100ft to be inflatable and can be made up to vast sizes. Depending on size, Inflatable domes take less than a day and require minimal labor to inflate. The bulk of the effort concentrates on the foundation and constructing the door frame, after which it’s primarily a matter of monitoring the dome as it self-inflates.

Type of Dome: Geodesic domes are suitable for up to 120ft. However, we generally use inflatable domes once the size requirements exceed 90ft. Installation requirements for Geodesic domes above this size can be quite substantial. For larger domes, inflatable domes can be quicker and less labor-intensive to install.

Permanency: If the dome is intended to be a more permanent structure, additional work and time will be necessary to ensure it is securely installed and weatherproofed.

Weather and Environmental Conditions: Weather conditions during the installation process can affect the timeline. For instance, extreme temperatures, high winds, or heavy precipitation may cause delays. Additionally, setting up necessary heating, cooling, or weatherproofing systems to ensure comfort and protect equipment should be considered and require extra time.

Projection System: The technical specifications of the projection system itself also influence the installation time. A basic setup may require less time, while a more intricate, high-definition system might necessitate additional hours or days of setup and calibration.

In summary, installation times can range from a single day for simpler, smaller setups to several days or even weeks for larger, more permanent structures with advanced projection systems

What kind of events are projection domes suitable for?

Projection domes offer an incredibly versatile and immersive platform suitable for various events and experiences. From educational presentations to live performances, their adaptability and immersive nature make them an ideal choice for crafting memorable and engaging experiences.

Educational Purposes: Projection domes are a unique educational tool, especially in science museums and schools. They can provide immersive and interactive presentations on various topics, from astronomy and earth science to biology and beyond. This allows audiences to engage with and visualize complex scientific concepts captivatingly.

Entertainment: In entertainment, projection domes offer an immersive viewing experience that traditional screens simply can’t match. They can be utilized for movies, concerts, live performances, and even immersive art installations, creating a completely enveloping experience for the audience.

Planetarium Shows: The most recognized use of projection domes is for planetarium shows. Planeteriums accurately depict stars, planets, and other celestial objects, offering a realistic simulation of the night sky and educational experiences for all audiences.

Simulations and Training: Projection domes can also be used in simulators for various training scenarios, such as flight, driving, tractors, and battle simulations, where an immersive, realistic environment can enhance the learning process. This includes applications in military training and simulation-based video games.

Corporate and Promotional Events: Businesses and organizations can leverage projection domes to showcase their products or ideas innovatively and engagingly, making them perfect for tradeshows and promotional events.

Therapeutic Uses: Emerging research indicates that immersive experiences offered by projection domes can have therapeutic benefits, such as reducing anxiety or aiding in relaxation and meditation.

In essence, projection domes, also known as dome theaters or planetariums, are versatile technologies that can be customized to meet the specific needs of an audience or the goals of an organization, making them a popular choice across various fields.

Can I customize the design of my projection dome?

Absolutely, you can customize the design of your projection dome. Numerous factors can be adjusted according to your specific needs, preferences, and the purpose of the dome:

Size: You can choose the dome size that is right for you, depending on your specific requirements.

Shape: While the standard shape is a hemisphere, some manufacturers offer variations, such as full spheres, quarter spheres, and three-quarter spheres or domes with customized geometric shapes.

Interior Design: The inside of the dome is where you can get creative.  Integrate custom seating, lighting, stages, decor, and interactive experiences.

Projection System: The type of projection system can be customized to fit your needs. We can accommodate all the standard resolutions; all are 1:1 video ratios. 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 6k, up to 16k. The standard resolutions we recommend are 2k and 4k dome systems because of cost.

Exterior Design: We can offer custom exterior designs printed directly to the dome cover or on a slipcover. This could be a particular color, your logo, other branding elements, or any other visual design required.

Audio System: We can offer Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or 11.1 surround standard audio systems. Custom systems can also be designed based on your experience and specific requirements.

Additional Features: All of the features of the dome can be customized doors, windows, ventilation systems, temperature control, etc. Remember that customization can affect the cost, setup time, and technical requirements (such as power supply), so it’s essential to consult with us and account for the extra time and resources.

What is the coverage area of your projection dome services?

Lumen and Forge offer projection dome services across North America and internationally. Our head offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How can the projection domes be adapted for different events?

Projection domes can be adapted for different events by adjusting the content projected onto the dome’s surface and tailoring it to suit the specific event theme or purpose. Additionally, the dome’s interior setup, seating arrangements, and supplementary audio-visual equipment can be customized to enhance the immersive experience for various events.

What infrastructure is needed for setting up a projection dome?

Setting up a projection dome typically requires a few key infrastructure components. These include the dome, a vinyl cover, anchoring/ballasting, a projection system with appropriate projectors and media servers, a high-quality audio system, and a control system to manage the content and overall operation of the dome. Build equipment: Forklifts, box trucks, ladders, location, power, HVAC, flooring, and sometimes a crane based on size and specific requirements.

How does the 4D FX enhance the immersive experience in a dome?

4D FX enhances the immersive experience in a dome by incorporating additional sensory elements beyond visual and audio. These can include effects like motion, wind, vibration, scent, and even temperature changes, which synchronize with the projected content, creating a multi-dimensional experience.

Are there any safety considerations with the projection domes?

Yes, safety considerations are essential when setting up projection domes. Some key aspects include ensuring structural stability by having an engineer sign off on the structure and adherence to all building codes. Implementing proper ventilation and fire safety measures and providing clear pathways and emergency exits for the audience in case of unforeseen events or emergencies.

Can I rent a projection dome, or must I purchase one?

Lumen and Forge provide rental and purchase options for projection domes. Rental of geodesic and inflatable domes, ranging in diameter from 5ft(m) to 300ft(m). We also accommodate custom orders for all domes based on your specific sizing requirements.

What support do you provide for setting up and operating the projection dome during the event?

As turn-key service providers, we cater to all your immersive dome venue requirements. This encompasses everything from technical design, creating custom content, dome construction, technical support, and more.

What measures are in place to ensure the projection domes can withstand different weather conditions?

Projection domes are designed and built based on seismic, wind, and fire requirements based on the exact location the dome is placed. We provide a stamped engineering document that adheres to all local building codes. These measures often include using durable and weather-resistant fabrics or materials, reinforcing the dome structure for wind resistance, and implementing proper drainage systems to prevent water accumulation during rainfall.

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