IMAX 3D Planetarium Theater

How IMAX 3D Works

IMAX 3D is one of the world’s most popular and well-known cinematic experiences, but how does IMAX 3D work? And what’s so special about it? In this post, we’ll explore the history of IMAX, the technology behind IMAX 3D and why it’s so captivating. Stay with us, and you’ll be an expert on all things IMAX in no time!

World's Largest Video Game Screen - Record Breaking Projection Mapping at The Tropicana in Las Vegas

World’s Largest Video Game Screen – Record Breaking Show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas

Record Crushed with Spectacular Lighting Extravaganza at the Tropicana Video games are a 300-billion-dollar global industry with more than 2.9 million players worldwide. Multiplayer games are among the most popular, allowing gamers to immerse themselves into the game with dynamic features for competition. Most gaming you see today is typically done at home for hours…