Types of Dome Structures

Discover the fascinating world of architectural domes, from corbel and cablenet to geodesic and inflatable styles, and how they create immersive experiences through projection mapping. Read on to learn more about the various types of domes and their applications.

Domes and Their Possible Uses

Geodesic domes, with their unique design and versatile applications, are revolutionizing how we think about buildings. From sustainable homes and eco-friendly spaces to advanced agricultural facilities and emergency shelters, discover the possibilities of these efficient, durable structures.

A Brief History of Domes - Cupola of Peterskirche in Vienna and the World's Largest Projection Dome in Miami in 2020

A Brief History of Domes

Immersive domes have become synonymous with innovation. These structures captivate audiences with their enchanting beauty and immersive experiences. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these magnificent architectural marvels? Why is the dome shape so universally appealing, standing the test of time while exuding an air of grandeur?