What Makes a Good Animation?

What makes a good animation?” is a question that has been asked by many people, from those who are new to the art form to those who have been creating animations for years. But what makes an animation great? Some might say it’s the story, others might say the animation itself is key. While there isn’t necessarily one answer to this question, some things certainly make an animation more effective and engaging than others.

Experiential Restaurant Atmosphere with Projection Room and Table FX

Spectrum Dining at the X Pot in Las Vegas

Spectrum dining, also known as 5D dining, is a unique dining experience. Instead of just using your taste, smell, and sight during your meal, a restaurant uses 5D experiences and incorporates all of the five senses. The experience will transport you into other worlds while you enjoy delicious food and drinks. One restaurant that we have worked with over the years to create such an experience is The X Pot at their Las Vegas and Chicago locations.

IMAX 3D Planetarium Theater

How IMAX 3D Works

IMAX 3D is one of the world’s most popular and well-known cinematic experiences, but how does IMAX 3D work? And what’s so special about it? In this post, we’ll explore the history of IMAX, the technology behind IMAX 3D and why it’s so captivating. Stay with us, and you’ll be an expert on all things IMAX in no time!

Photogrammetry – History and Modern Uses

As technology advances, more and more businesses are discovering new and innovative ways to use it for their benefit. One such business is the field of photogrammetry. What is photogrammetry, you ask? Simply put, it is the art and science of making measurements from photographs. It is a technique that has been around for centuries,…

Choosing the Best 3D Rendering Software

There are a lot of software options for 3d rendering, but not all of them are created equal. Some are more user-friendly than others, while others offer more features or faster rendering times. In the early days of 3D design it was commonplace for designers to use one software for modeling, one for color correction…

Domes and Their Possible Uses

Geodesic domes have grown a lot in popularity in recent years and the practical uses for them have grown too. Domes are designed based on common geometric patterns found all throughout nature; the geodesic polyhedron and the hexagon. Think of all the times you see that shape in nature. Beehives, spider webs and even pineapples…

A Brief History of Domes - Cupola of Peterskirche in Vienna and the World's Largest Projection Dome in Miami in 2020

A Brief History of Domes

Immersive Domes: A Tale of Art, Engineering and Architecture Immersive domes are one of Lumen & Forge’s specialties.  We have designed and installed domes for multiple clients and purposes across the US.  But where do domes come from?  Why is the shape popular?  Here is a little bit about the history of domes. Early History…