360° Video Projection: How It’s Created and Why It’s Worth Your Time

With 360 video projection, you can create unforgettable immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. From corporate presentations and trade shows to special events and entertainment, discover how this cutting-edge technology is transforming the way we engage audiences. Explore the equipment, best practices, and endless possibilities of 360 video projection.

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Content ProductionImmersive ExperiencesProjection Mapping Projection Mapping on Statue of Phoenix

How to Create a Unique Dining Experience With Immersive Technology?

Immersive technology is revolutionizing the dining industry, allowing restaurants to create unforgettable experiences that engage all senses. Discover how innovative eateries are using projection mapping, AR, and VR to transport guests and craft extraordinary culinary journeys that stand out in a competitive market.

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Content Production A person hides their head behind a Titan 360 camera to give the illusion the person has a giant camera-head. They are posing with a two-finger peace sign looking like a cyborg-droid.

How to Shoot 360-degree Video: A Beginner’s Guide

Interested in creating immersive, interactive video content? 360-degree video is an exciting way to engage your audience, but getting started can be intimidating. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of shooting 360-degree video, from choosing the right equipment to tips for capturing stunning footage. Get ready to dive into the world of 360-degree storytelling!

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Projection Mapping Retail projection mapping on the luxor sphinx

How Retail Projection Mapping Can Help Increase Customer Engagement

Retail projection mapping is transforming static store environments into dynamic, interactive experiences. By blending digital content with physical spaces, this innovative technology allows retailers to showcase products and engage customers in exciting new ways. Discover how leading brands are leveraging projection mapping to create immersive retail experiences that captivate audiences and drive engagement.

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Domes Immersive 360-degree visuals projected onto the world's largest planetarium dome, featuring vibrant pink and blue geometric patterns

What are Planetarium Domes and Why Should You Pay Attention?

Planetarium domes pair cutting-edge technology with sleek design to create a unique experience. On the outside, these projection dome venues are eye-catching and intriguing. Inside, you can design any atmosphere you want, ranging from elegant mood lighting to immersive audio-video displays. Want to learn more about these impressive video domes? Here is what you need to know.

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Projection Mapping close up teal colored ornaments on a white Christmas tree.

Light Up the Holidays with Christmas Projection Mapping

Explore the transformative power of Christmas projection mapping in elevating holiday celebrations, events, and marketing campaigns. This cutting-edge technique turns surfaces into captivating visual canvases, enhancing brand visibility and creating unforgettable experiences, as seen in examples like Coca-Cola’s Madrid event and Nestlé Quality Street’s interactive retail show.

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Content Production

What Skills Do Animators Need in 2023?

Want to become an animator and bring characters and stories to life through content creation? You’ll need equal parts creativity and technical skills. This exciting career blends artistry and technology. Animators use software to build captivating worlds from imagination. If you’re eager to enter this dynamic field, here’s a starter guide to the key skills that open doors.

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Domes A Brief History of Domes - Cupola of Peterskirche in Vienna and the World's Largest Projection Dome in Miami in 2020

A Brief History of Domes

Immersive domes have become synonymous with innovation. These structures captivate audiences with their enchanting beauty and immersive experiences. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these magnificent architectural marvels? Why is the dome shape so universally appealing, standing the test of time while exuding an air of grandeur?

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Projection Mapping World's Largest Video Game Screen - Record Breaking Projection Mapping at The Tropicana in Las Vegas

World’s Largest Video Game Screen – Record Breaking Show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas

Record Crushed with Spectacular Lighting Extravaganza at the Tropicana Video games are a 300-billion-dollar global industry with more than 2.9 million players worldwide. Multiplayer games are among the most popular, allowing gamers to immerse themselves into the game with dynamic features for competition. Most gaming you see today is typically done at home for hours…

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Projection Mapping New Years Eve in Las Vegas at Area 15 - PlayAlchemist Projection Mapped Pyramid Stage

Las Vegas New Years Festival at Area 15: Playa Playground

Playa Playground was created to deliver the Burning Man experience to the center of Las Vegas. Hosted by the famous Area 15 venue in Las Vegas, Playa Playground had just about everything you could ever want from Black Rock City without the dust storms. With a stage for every type of music lover, art, food, rides and immersive exhibits there was quite literally something for everyone.

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