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What Makes a Good Animation?

What makes a good animation?” is a question that has been asked by many people, from those who are new to the art form to those who have been creating animations for years. But what makes an animation great? Some might say it’s the story, others might say the animation itself is key. While there isn’t necessarily one answer to this question, some things certainly make an animation more effective and engaging than others.

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Immersive News Experiential Restaurant Atmosphere with Projection Room and Table FX

Spectrum Dining at the X Pot in Las Vegas

Spectrum dining, also known as 5D dining, is a unique dining experience. Instead of just using your taste, smell, and sight during your meal, a restaurant uses 5D experiences and incorporates all of the five senses. The experience will transport you into other worlds while you enjoy delicious food and drinks. One restaurant that we have worked with over the years to create such an experience is The X Pot at their Las Vegas and Chicago locations.

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Immersive News Projection Mapping on Statue of Phoenix

How to Create a Unique Dining Experience With Immersive Technology?

You’ve seen underwater restaurants where you can dine while watching fish swim by or a rooftop lounge offering unbeatable views and delicious appies. But what if your restaurant is nowhere near a body of water or at ground level? Not to worry, there is a way to offer an unforgettable experience that involves more than just the food; with immersive technology.

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Projection Mapping World's Largest Video Game Screen - Record Breaking Projection Mapping at The Tropicana in Las Vegas

World’s Largest Video Game Screen – Record Breaking Show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas

Record Crushed with Spectacular Lighting Extravaganza at the Tropicana Video games are a 300-billion-dollar global industry with more than 2.9 million players worldwide. Multiplayer games are among the most popular, allowing gamers to immerse themselves into the game with dynamic features for competition. Most gaming you see today is typically done at home for hours…

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Domes A Brief History of Domes - Cupola of Peterskirche in Vienna and the World's Largest Projection Dome in Miami in 2020

A Brief History of Domes

Immersive Domes: A Tale of Art, Engineering and Architecture Immersive domes are one of Lumen & Forge’s specialties.  We have designed and installed domes for multiple clients and purposes across the US.  But where do domes come from?  Why is the shape popular?  Here is a little bit about the history of domes. Early History…

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Projection Mapping New Years Eve in Las Vegas at Area 15 - PlayAlchemist Projection Mapped Pyramid Stage

Las Vegas New Years Festival at Area 15: Playa Playground

Imagine for a moment standing inside a large pyramid that is continuously changing with ambient lighting, graphics and 3d textures. That’s what we at Lumen and Forge consider the perfect centerpiece for a Burning Man inspired festival and the PlayAlchemist stage was exactly that. Playa Playground, a Las Vegas New Years Eve fundraiser, was created…

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Projection Mapping

Christmas Projection Mapping at the Venetian Las Vegas | Grand Canal Shops

Christmas Projection Mapping: A Themed Event Deck the halls with Christmas projection mapping! Lumen & Forge created a magical holiday show for the internationally renowned Streetmosphere at Grand Canal Shoppes inside The Venetian® Resort. Partnering with BESTAgency, audiences were treated to the Holiday Spectacular featuring visuals projected across the clock tower at St. Mark’s Square,…

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Types of Dome Structures

Types of Domes Through History Domes are highly efficient structures, and they have been used for a multitude of purposes throughout history.  Ancient cultures all over the world would build domes out of mud or stone and used them to create monolithic structures. This design served as the basis for understanding the three dimensionality of…

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